Dear Senator Al Franken

A couple of things Al, but you first



Dear Senator Franken,
I hope you gets loud on the floor.
I hope you make Senator Wellstone proud.

I hope you keep the people in mind.
In that sense I hope you feel you have nothing to lose.

071024_wellstone2Not sure how much of the B as in B, S as in S politics you are willing to put up with, I hope you have the passion and tenacity to stay on the side of truth.

I hope you decide to stick around.

I hope you make history with your wit and because I know you’re pretty good with an apology you can be sincerely humble when you mess up.

Please feel free to mess up.

Please Al, I mean Mr. Senator, please promise that while you’re in office you won’t cheat on your wife, take money from fat cats looking to influence legislation and no matter what speak your mind when you see injustice.

You’re on that side of the fence now and your perspective will change, but don’t forget what you’ve said all these years, please don’t conveniently forget.

In All Sincerity

al_franken_senate …  paulsimon
he looks a little like Sen Paul Simon, doncha think?

Congratulations Senator Franken

First Day On The Committee


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