Twitter Is Dead — Found Murdered!

Users treated like tools for war and inundated by brokers, spammers and porn on the popular user application known as Twitter today and yesterday was bludgeoned, beaten, butchered, stabbed and shot through the heart with an arrow. The rotting corpse was found halfway between K Street and Langley, 200 miles west of Madison Ave.
Details Confirmed
Iran not a Twitter Revolution


Rick Astley Dies AGAIN?

for real this time?


Americans Leave Iraq Forever!

Iraq Finally At Peace




want to see your product placed
and linked here with every blog entry?



Rebellion on the Range Over a Cattle ID Plan
Wranglers at the Platt ranch were marking calves the old-fashioned way last week, roping them from horseback and burning a brand onto their haunches.

What they were emphatically not doing, said Jay Platt, the third-generation proprietor of the ranch, was abiding by a federally recommended livestock identification plan, intended to speed the tracing of animal diseases, that has caused an uproar among ranchers. They were not attaching the recommended tags with microchips that would allow the computerized recording of livestock movements from birth to the slaughterhouse.

RFID tattoos for tracking cows … and people
Protest Against NAIS
USDA National Animal Identification System


ishinger abandonne finalement


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