Sen. Landrieu Exposed – Death By Being Uninsured

Shame on Sen. Landrieu.

It’s time for her and others in Congress to give up their Tax Payer Health Care until every American is covered.

Health Care in the U. S. is a human rights issue – 18,000 Americans die each year from lack of Heath Care, that is six preventable 9/11s.

And with unemployment numbers rising so will Death By Being Uninsured.

As basic as the technology of the plow once was building this great nation in our modern technological world Heath Care has become a needed and basic human right.

Sen. Landrieu represents almost 5 million people in Louisiana. Denying just one of her constituents or fellow citizens access to Health Care puts  their ability to work at risk. This threatens their means to put food on the table, provide shelter and clothe their families. Her resent statements are not only wholly Un-Christian they are nothing short of criminal.

And here’s why, like Sen.  Nelson who received more than $2 million from the Insurance and Health Care Industry Sen. Landrieu is now being exposed for taking money from these same interests.

These Health Care Industries profit from the deaths of Americans by denying them access and proper Healthy Care coverage, this is not only sinful, it is murder.

Shame on her.

Take Action

Call Sen Landrieu’s Office

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