from the AMA

Call the AMA 800.621.8335 ask them why they won’t receive calls form the public when the stand they take effects the public.

with so many people uninsured – 50 million

so many under-insured – 90 million

and those that die each year from lack of health insurance -18,000 –
that’s SIX 9/11s

The AMA will have a riot on their hands if they attempt to demonize Health Care Reform

Physicians for a National Health Program

Call your Congressional Representative ask them if they are against single payer health care, then ask why they accept tax payer health care themselves?

Demand they walk the walk and give the tax payers back the money for the tax payer health care they receive.

Want to make a difference? List the incredible health care benefits US government workers receive – acupuncture, massages, sprain finger therapy, on top of every emergency, operation, general treatment, expensive pharmaceuticals and full dental – dig a little and you’ll also find cosmetic – while people who work hard everyday lack even the basic coverage.

Take a close look at your private insurance, 21% of your coverage is administrations fees, this doesn’t include the billions in waste, fraud and abuse. Fees for The VA manages to run on 3%.

Consider the lack of morality, profiting from the refusal of a life saving method or drug only to increase their profits.

If this Government Oligarchy is going to tax your kids and their kids the rest of their lives in order to bailout these capitalistic cronie leave them at least some protection, a safety net for their health.

Your grandparents and great grandparents left you a safety net in Social Security and Medicaid. Fight for them if not yourself.

join a group, any group – get organized now
Physicians for a National Health Program
November 5th
single payer action
obama care
single payer myths



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