Goodbye GeoCities – End Of An Era

Yahoo is closing its GeoCities personal home page service, and with it will go an era of self-expression on the Web that’s largely been replaced by social networks and blogs.

GeoCities rose to power during an era when publishing on the Internet meant setting up your own Web site. GeoCities simplified the process by helping people sidestep the complications of registering a domain and learning how to program HTML, the language that describes Web pages.

Yahoo bought GeoCities for more than $2.9 billion in dot-com-priced stock in 1999, when GeoCities had more than 1.1 million users. However, while the idea of having a personal presence on the Internet has caught on, GeoCities turned out to be a backwater, not the mainstream.

“We will be closing GeoCities later this year,” Yahoo said in a note on the site. “We’ll provide more details about closing GeoCities and how to save your site data this summer.”



Funeral Arrangements

if you know of alternative free site please leave a URL and comment

will this eventually happen to you tube?
Thanks for the heads up Peter Coffin



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3 responses to “Goodbye GeoCities – End Of An Era

  1. Hello,

    Would you know if there’s a way to export a Geocities site’s contents to a Yahoo site or WordPress blog?

    Can one somehow salvage a Geocities free
    site by transferring over this way before Geocities closes shop.

    Regards, Richard

  2. to the best of my knowledge you can switch it over to Yahoo’s web page for a monthly fee – other than that right now you’ll have to save the .html source and right click to save all the pictures. A bit labor intensive.

    I’m hoping Yahoo will allow people with geocities pages to ftp to their hd, but I’m not holding my breath

  3. i don’t want to lose my blog at geocities.too many memories are there.i’d like to be able to export all my pages to wordpress.hopefully geocities will have a system set up to export blogs,images and all

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