Support This Little Community

I decided to dive into the  Café Press Art Store for some of the folks who contribute to this blog. Things will be uploaded as digital copies of the artworks are  made available. Check back often.

You can help support these fine folks by visiting and buying something, check out cheap-art and some of the other pages on this site,  or if you like you can make a donation to evie (see donate button top right main page). All proceeds go into purchasing creative materials only, evie never charges for her time.

The Café Press Art Store has only one image currently, and a few limited items, I’m testing the waters. Your input is important, if you see anything on this site, outside the blog posts, you would like to see  on some kind of object please leave your suggestions.

Not all images belong to the people who contribute here directly, but I’ll be happy to do my best and get the original digital file along with permission and put them in the Café Press Art Store.

If you do not like Café Press or you have other suggestions that will help and support these Independent Artists let me know. There’s plenty of work to be done. I ‘m trying to get a feel for what people like and what interests them.

Thank you for your kind attention and for supporting the arts and these artists.

Jan Ischinger


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