Pessimistic Pornography

When all else fails insult those who got it right.

Stress Tests Class of “Self-Esteem” – No One Fails
“This stress test, I have to say, it is sounding like a class of self-esteem: ‘You are all wonderful, each in your own way,'” said the Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman. “I don’t think they are going to let anybody fail.”

He further states…
“All the news said that the economy is getting worse … industrial production is falling, unemployment is rising, all the measures you use about the health of the economy continue to deteriorate, but they are getting worse more slowly. So Larry [Summers Obama’s chief economic adviser] is right. We were crashing but it looks like it is leveling off. But if you look at history, there were several points like that during the Great Depression, so it is not clear that this is the end of the story.”

Is Paul Krugman a Pessimistic Pornographer?

These desperate acts by the Banks and the Treasury Department are an insult to us all.


The people who caused this mess and still in charge and must go.

The media pundits needs to step back and start doing their job, REPORTING not disseminating propaganda.

This isn’t rocket science, anger is rising with the unemployment numbers.

The fact no one has been held accountable by the Justice Department is simply outrageous

President Obama, rid these crooks from your Administration and kick the Justice Department into gear.

Hurry, before the American People start asking, “Who is running the country, You or the Banks?”

Who owns the New York Magazine? An Investment Banker of course.
A Real Privier of Porn, NYM CNBC defender and toady Hugo Lindgren.
ABC NEWS Quick Fix-  Dan Harris trying hard to be fixation-ly  relevant.


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