Your Brain Meets Your Future Brain

Our Future Brain Is Google making us stupid?Is it making us smarter? Have we lost our ability to concentrate? Are we more social or more isolated as a result of our constantly interconnected lives? Brooke takes a look at some of the research that attempts to answer the question: how is the internet affecting our brains?

Technology is such an integral part of our lives but will it soon be part of our bodies as well? Computer scientist and inventor Ray Kurzweil thinks so. He predicts that by 2045 we will have merged with our technology and that we’ll be smarter, healthier and… well…immortal. Sounds implausible? Kurzweil explains that that’s what people often say about his predictions until they come true.

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Least we forget



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2 responses to “Your Brain Meets Your Future Brain

  1. viktoryian

    First: I believe we become lazier as internet bring all entertainment and information straight to our sofas. I think people should hold back a little bit and start using their legs and heads more.
    Second: I wouldn´t like to leave in a world where computer is just one more “hand” on human body. And everyone must die sometime,so.. Lets not play God, people!

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