Cramer vs Stweart

watch it before you tube bans it you tube banned it, but fear not…

crow is a bitter bird

I find it sad and ironic that We The People have to count on a comedian and a comedy show to get some semblance of representation in this country that we can’t get from our elected politicians or the Fourth Estate.

This segment of the Daily Show enveloped the archetypal classic characters of the  King confronted by the Fool; well sort of, a representative at least of the forces of power.

Now if monkeys could only type Shakespeare we might get somewhere. That’s you.

Random thoughts:
I noticed that when Jon Stewart calls someone out it is almost always perceived by conservatives that he is referring to a Republican. What a strange psychology that party has developed.

Maybe the Russian was right, perhaps the US will divide into regions.

Frankly I’m a bit tired of the whole thing, it’s really a staring contest for stubborn children:
The ineffective corrupt politicians.
The fake money.
The arrogance and greed of corporate leader.

Where are the voices of real statesmen?
Please, some MSM outlet give them a platform! Fine one yourself and listen.
Don’t you think it’s about time?

full episode

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