Obama At Bat

obamatbatWSJ – TARP Said to Be Ripe for Fraud

When Congress allowed and the Bush Treasury Department put the foxes in charge of the hen house for the $700 Billion ‘the sky is falling’ Bank Bailout; Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), last October what else could anyone expect?

Treasury Secretary Paulson’s one page outline, without Congressional oversight, was rejected by the House, who then quickly sold out in the second inning for a few paltry earmarks.

In his speech last night President Obama’s words continue to omit any responsibility for this missed Congressional oversight opportunity, this gigantic mistake. What he should have and could have called for were indictments and the arrest of those who bilked the system then and now.

A few on the far right may have booed, but the American people, regardless of party lines, would have been cheering in front of their television sets and on the net.

In the weight of his rhetoric he dropped a few sideways and subtle hints that he is aware of past deceptions by focusing on future funds  (The Stimulus) which will be distributed in a variety of ways to states, cities and the American People.

Accountability for all of us now, but the recent past of bankers and the previous administration seems to be out of his line of vision.

Torture as well. He said the US “doesn’t torture.”

What he needed to say was, ‘the US DIDN’T torture and if we find instances of torture under our system of laws, people will be held accountable. I expect Congress, My Justice Department along with an Independent Body appointed by both the Senate and House in order to demonstrate to the world and the American People that we are a nation of laws and will begin investigating any and all crimes against humanity immediately!’

Allowing these Bankers and the Bush Administration to walk away from the mess and mayhem they created and left in their wake in our economy and Iraq is nothing short of irresponsible.

To lead Mr. President you have to set the examples. To be a great leader you have to do what is right, not always what is popular, nor fear the small choir of dissenting political voices.

Mr. Obama says we need to do the right thing, but to know and not to do Mr. President is not to know and you made it clear during the campaign and after the election that you knew what the score was.

These are extraordinary times and require extraordinary measures.

Step up to the plate Mr. President, it’s your turn at bat, the bases are loaded and the American People want you to clean up and hit this one out of the park.


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