One True American


Mayor Virg Bernero of Lansing, Michigan Rips FoxNews a New One – A True American Patriot

FACTS: The $70 per hour includes not only an individual worker’s wage and benefits, but also the legacy costs being paid out to retired workers.

The actual individual labor cost at GM is $41. Toyota is $40.
It’s also cheaper to live in the southern states; where Toyota is located, than the north, so Toyota workers are actually making more money than GM workers.

Eat The Rich!*
They are lean and well fed, with no chemicals and guilt free eatins’; they have no soul.

*To be rich in the US and on the menu you must make at least $600k a year. How did I come up with that number? I took the income tax from 1913; taxable income was $5k+ back then. I then adjusted the dollar for inflation; $1 in 1913 would be worth $120 in today’s currency, I multiplied $120 x $5000 and came up with $600,000. From what I can tell, it seems Congress never adjusted the rate of income to be taxed, if you make over $5k today you are still taxed. The only people who should be paying income tax are those making over $600k a year.

If you watched the video above, you’ll notice, percentage wise, Mr. Kravis pays lesser income tax than his maid. That’s the power of greed. It’s really irresponsible of a society to allow this sort of thing to go on.

Curious… if you make under $600k a year, which is what most folks in the US make, why aren’t you really really angry?



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2 responses to “One True American

  1. stophate

    Mayor Virg Bernero is a true patriot. We need a hundred more mayors across the country like him. He is a hero of the working class.

  2. We need millions more people like him
    Help spread his message

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