In Burges


I don’t review movies too often, when a film grows in popularity or gains recognition there’s plenty of reviews to be had, but once in a while a sleeper creeps its way through the mainstream that catches my attention, In Burges is one worth mentioning.

Released early last year this film is a violent black comedy, the story of two hit-men, Ken and Ray, who are sent to Bruges, Belgium where they are told to wait for instructions.

Burges is a fairy tale town in a beautiful story book setting; the picture post card scenery was not wanting in the film.

The writer and director Martin McDonagh uses contrasts in this film like a painter, the past and the present is subtly reflected in every area of the film; the towns’ people, the art, the characters and the story. His attention to detail and the way the story unfolds is nothing short of superb.

You’re never sure how the film will end, but almost from the beginning you attempt to predict if the characters will rise above their profession or tragically meet their downfall; a true mark of a good plot.

Used throughout the film are the many images of the painter Hieronymus Bosch. You’re immediate cast into a modern reality of his paintings and drawn in to look closer at his world of dreams and nightmares, religion and science, tragedy and comedy, fantasy and reality and subjected to all the vulnerabilities of the human condition, both large and small.

The story is told well and the relationship between the two men, and later their boss Harry is both repulsive and compelling. The acting is excellent; best I’ve seen in a long time. Colin Farrell is a very talented actor, this was Brendan Gleeson’s best performance ever and is that Ralph Fiennes? Well done sir, well done.


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