1756 – 1791



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4 responses to “Mozart

  1. clogz14

    I have a question.
    What is the use of showing one photo of Mozart.
    Is this all you know about him?
    What are you further intentions with this Mozart Blog?

    Dutch Piano player CLOGZ 14

  2. it’s his birthday
    click on the dates
    this blog is not exclusive to Mozart

  3. clogz14

    Thank you for your advice.
    I clicked the year and yes there came the music.
    I now saw also some bush bush stuff that was not there before.
    Well I like you to know that I was looking for other bloggers works.
    Thank you for opening the U tube secret behind the years and the photo only now also bush i still wonder about your intentions.
    Making art?Writing about famous composers?keeping track of their birthdays?Be a political commentator?I am looking and trying to find blogs about music.
    Not so much the download stuff. But the real human beings playing instruments. Other question jischinger is there German relation.
    Schindlers list or others?
    Sofar i have not found anything usefull about music(playing).
    If you have any suggestions. Will be appreciated very much.


  4. what is it you want to know about music?

    you can find a list of web sites or information about music and music history on google search or wikipedia

    if you scroll down on the front page of this blog, on the right you’ll see the topic Help you’ll find google and the wiki a click away

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