Auto Bailout Fails In The Democratic US Senate

Automakers fail to cash in on big GOP donations
By standing in the way of an auto industry bailout, GOP senators appear to have bitten the hand that fed them.

Over the last decade, General Motors has given $1.50 to Republican candidates for every $1 it has given to Democrats. That same pattern has been followed by Chrysler and Ford, which year after year have favored the right side of the aisle, sometimes by more than a 3-to-1 ratio in dollar terms.

Auto Bailout Fails in the Democratic Senate
Bush to the rescue!
What’s he up to? I have a few guesses… follow the money.

In the mean time – here is my rant on another Democrat Roll Over. This is in reaction to, Democrats Go Down on the Auto Bailout by John Ridley

The Democrats failed because they no long know how to Do The Right Thing.

The Lobby temptations and the tax payer hand outs, which they control; personal raises, full health care, generous pensions after 1 term in the Senate and 2 terms in the House, have rendered them blind to what’s left of the good parts of their souls and conscience.

Let’s hope Obama hasn’t forgotten.

And let us not push aside two very important points in this debate:

1. We need this industry. Historically, it is what has kept us safe – Unless you are prepared to educate every American child to be or come close to being a Rhodes Scholar we need blue collar jobs in the US.

2. The Japanese and German Companies must provide Universal Health Care for their Citizens by law, they are not obligated to pay into a US System of Universal Health Care – When you buy a German or Japanese car, and you KNOW you pay more, you are SUBSIDIZING their Country’s Universal Health Care System and protecting them with our Military.

We should care about our fellow countrymen and women as much.

one side note – and this is no excuse for mismanagement, poor marketing and some abysmal designs, but look at the sales for Toyota and Ford in the US last month.

The politicians who are defending these big foreign auto makers in Tennessee and Alabama to the death are right around the corner from feeling the hurt, and the Japanese and German people aren’t going to feel the need to prop up American workers in the US to help keep their jobs.

” UAW critics contend union labor costs amount to about $78 an hour in wages and benefits while workers employed by companies such as Toyota Motor Corp. make closer to $45 an hour in wages and benefits.

The $78 figure, however, includes hourly wages, medical benefits and pension payments for hourly workers, along with medical benefits and pension payments for hundreds of thousands of retired workers.

The wages and benefits of hourly UAW workers – not counting retirees – actually amount to about $60 an hour. If only wages are counted, veteran workers make about $26 an hour.

New hires, meantime, make about $15 an hour, close to the starting wage of Toyota’s U.S. workers.

Union Leader Gettelfinger argued Friday that UAW wages already compete with those paid by foreign competitors. He quoted a statement on a Toyota Web site, which he said bragged that Toyota factory workers make more than those employed by Detroit’s auto makers.”

Americans can have anything they want, but they gotta want it, and they gotta want it loud.

It’s time!

Visit Washington DC May Day 2009 – Bring Your Loud


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