Obama Is Now The Vetter

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For a Washington Job, Be Prepared to Tell All


I understand, but don’t understand. What does this mean? What kind of creature is the Obama Administration creating? We’ve seen the body and heads of the beast Bush created. This strikes me as a little too much  in a different, almost Joe McCarthy c1950s, “Are You Now or Have You Ever Been…” He sure is going out of his way to protect the perception of his new Administration, it’s almost a loyalty oath, but it’s not like we didn’t ask for that after Bush or the McCain Campaign.  Understandable, he wants his team to be above board, but at what cost? Asking someone about their personal diary, why that’s just creepy and stifling.

Perhaps a better question would have been, “Have you ever done anything similar to or led a life style on par with such characters as Dick Morris or Larry Craig?” That would be a fair question.


Yeah, this one gets a sad Obama, no stars and two thumbs down.

thumbsdown thumbsdown

one other thing…

Let’s say, if by chance, this is Obama’s stratagem; to have such a tight ship that no one media outlet could penetrate it with scandal, thus creating an atmosphere for some really dynamic long over due changes like, universal health care, a living wage, cleaning up Bush’s gigantic mess and restore the Constitution. If that is the case then I will gladly change sad Obama two thumbs down to happy Obama 5 stars up.

The problem is trust. The democrats have a lot of restoring to do in that regard. Bailing out wealthy bankers and CEOs in the auto and insurance industries just isn’t my idea of a good start, nor does any of this imbue a sense of real trust towards the American People. Decades of stand still, decline and no hope for at least 1/3 of our population. In this day and age? Really?!

For over 60 years the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Israel (the Jewish population) et al EU countries have treated their citizen’s with dignity: health care, education and employment. Why is this sense of getting ahead no matter who you step on to get there is so damn important in the US? Where does the mentality that treating people with dignity, and one might even say Christians values, equals socialism, come from?

This is just plain old basic greed. Good health and education does not make people lazy, pointless redundant go no where jobs do or losing one, living in fear. Why are we still beating people up and acting like bullies? We laud the words of Gandhi and MLK, but we walk around the world like Bluto from Popeye?

I don’t want to rant solely on Congress, there are some wonderful members and logic dictates that the American People are really to blame for allowing the mess we find ourselves in today. Face it, if you have the will, and a large one at that, the American People can do anything, have anything they want. What I do blame Congress for, especially the democrats, is they know better! They’ve walked through the ghettos, the schools and the hospitals, they know b e t t e r.

In essence, the first order of business for the soon to be President Elect and the next Congress is to restore trust.

Ut Oh, One More…

Rahn Emanuel



Yeah, this one gets a sad Obama and three thumbs down.



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