I’m Tired Of Democratic Bullies

I have to respond to this here, because I keep getting censored, for reasons I can’t fathom. If you know why, please drop me a line – Here’s is what I am responding to, with added commentary.


I will be voting for Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez because it is MY VOTE not yours or anyone else’s vote.

I am not a second class citizen and I resent the fact that in what is supposed to be a Democratic Republic I and my candidate of choice is considered as much by the supporters of these two war-mongering-bailoutting-free-speech-fencing-4th-amendment-killing-corrupt parties.

I am tired of being addressed in such a sideways manner. This diatribe of blaming Nader is just another way for these folks to say ‘If you vote Nader you must be stupid’ followed by, “he can’t win anyway, why waste your vote?”

Nader and most third party voters are the ones who actually vote in every election; country, state and local, but we are not to be congratulated for that, we don’t expect to be, we consider voting our civic duty, however, if we stay home for two decades never ever voting and come out in a big election year then we are very special Americans and those two parties will bend over backwards to get you to the polls and shower you with praise.

What is wrong with this picture?

I am tired of the Democrats demonizing my candidate who happens to have more than 40 years of good work; the envy of any politician or honest journalist.

Democrats want to blame Mr. Nader for Al Gore losing in Florida, but continue to dismiss the real culprits, Kathleen Harris and Jeb Bush, why?

Democrats dismiss the Florida votes Buchanan and Howard Phillips -Constitution Party took from Bush; according to the logic of blaming these votes would have gone to Bush. Why isn’t that factored in?

Why do you even assume Nader voters would have voted for a democrat and not stayed home, wrote in someone else, or even voted republican? Your logic and stand on this issue is anti-democratic, not to mention you have no way on earth to back such an assertion up.

The Democrats dismiss the findings of the Miami Harold stating Gore won. Why?

Democrats dismiss Gore pulling out of his home state and losing to Bush by 500 votes, why?
Had Gore won his Home State or even Clinton’s Home State, Florida wouldn’t have even mattered.

I want to know, according to Democratic logic, if Mr. Nader was such a factor in 2000 why won”t the Democratic debate him? Why are they so threatened by this man”s ideas? Why do they ignore the intelligence of his supporters who are Americans, who are human beings that think and reason? Why don’t they ask us what they are missing that would either bring us back or to their party?

Why don”t Democrats be Citizens First and encourage their supporters to look at Nader’s platform, judge and most of all THINK for themselves? http://www.votenader.org/issues

FDR, what are they afraid of?

cc: Arianna

I want my habeas corpus back!

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