Bush Buys Land Paraguay

Meeting the new couple next door can be an anxious business for even the most relaxed home owner. Will they be international drug traffickers? Have they got noisy kids with a penchant for electronic music? As worries go, however, having the US president move in next door must come fairly low on the list.

Unless of course you are a resident of northern Paraguay and believe reports in the South American press that he has bought up a 100,000 acre (40,500 hectare) ranch in your neck of the woodsThe rumours, as yet unconfirmed but which began with the state-run Cuban news agency Prensa Latina, have triggered an outpouring of conspiracy theories, with speculation rife about what President Bush’s supposed interest in the “chaco”, a semi-arid lowland in the Paraguay’s north, might be.

Some have speculated that he might be trying to wrestle control of the Guarani Aquifer, one of the largest underground water reserves, from the Paraguayans.

Rumours of Mr Bush’s supposed forays into South American real estate surfaced during a recent 10-day visit to the country by his daughter Jenna Bush. Little is known about her trip to Paraguay, although officially she travelled with the UN children’s agency Unicef to visit social projects. Photographers from the Paraguayan newspaper ABC Color tracked her down to one restaurant in Paraguay’s capital Asunción, where she was seen flanked by 10 security guards, and was also reported to have met Paraguay’s president, Nicanor Duarte, and the US ambassador to Paraguay, James Cason. Reports in sections of the Paraguayan media suggested she was sent on a family “mission” to tie up the land purchase in the “chaco”.

Erasmo Rodríguez Acosta, the governor of the Alto Paraguay region where Mr Bush’s new acquisition supposedly lies, told one Paraguayan news agency there were indications that Mr Bush had bought land in Paso de Patria, near the border with Brazil and Bolivia. He was, however, unable to prove this, he added.

Last week the Paraguayan news group Neike suggested that Ms Bush was in Paraguay to “visit the land acquired by her father – relatively close to the Brazilian Pantanal [wetlands] and the Bolivian gas reserves”.

The US presence in Paraguay has been under scrutiny since May 2005 when the country’s Congress agreed to allow 400 American marines to operate there for 18 months in exchange for financial aid.

At the time many viewed the arrival of troops as a sign that Washington was trying to monitor US business interests in neighboring Bolivia, after the election of Evo Morales, a leftwing leader who promised to nationalise his country’s natural gas industry

this is an old artcle, but it’s worth watching what happens in the future

us extradition paraguay

a bad land deal?
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update: 06/25/12

 wikileaks cable
1. (C) SUMMARY: Rumors persist that discredited General and
UNACE party leader Lino Oviedo and ex-president Nicanor
Duarte Frutos are now working together to assume power via
(mostly) legal means should President Lugo stumble in coming
months. Their goal: Capitalize on any Lugo mis-steps to
break the political deadlock in Congress, impeach Lugo and
assure their own political supremacy. While many predicted
political shenanigans in March during the traditional social
protest season that accompanies the opening of Congress,
little has come of it (largely because Lugo has been careful
not to provide the political or legal rope with which to hang
him, thus depriving Oviedo and Duarte the numbers in Congress
for their supposed “democratic coup”). But that could change
quickly here. Mid-March outrage over multi-million dollar
subsidies for sesame growers via a discredited NGO was
considered as a possible ground for impeachment before Lugo
walked away from the program (though the controversy
continues). For a president already facing many challenges
— internal political struggles, corruption, and the
perception that his own leadership style is ineffective —
Lugo must now also worry about making a mis-step that could
be his last. END SUMMARY.

Lugo’s missteps eroded fragile support in Paraguay

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6 responses to “Bush Buys Land Paraguay

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  2. kgrr

    I have not been able to find coordinates of the Bush’s supposed purchase in Paraguay. However, Bush did welcome President Fernando Lugo of Paraguay to the White House on October 27, 2008.


    Paraguay has had an extradition treaty with the US since 1998:


  3. kgrr

    Bush confesses to war crimes
    By Nicolas J S Davies
    Online Journal Contributing Writer
    Sep 11, 2006, 00:31

    George W. Bush’s speech on September 6 amounted to a public confession to criminal violations of the 1996 War Crimes Act. He implicitly admitted authorizing disappearances, extrajudicial imprisonment, torture, transporting prisoners between countries and denying the International Committee of the Red Cross access to prisoners.

    These are all serious violations of the Geneva Conventions. The War Crimes Act makes grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions and all violations of Common Article 3 punishable by fines, imprisonment or, if death results to the victim, the death penalty.

    For the rest of the article read:

  4. kgrr

    Translated contains this quote:…”The newspaper La Nacion said on Tuesday that Jenna will visit a farm of 40,000 hectares belonging to her father, located in the area of Fort Olimpo, Chaco Boreal, about 600 kilometers north of Asuncion, near the border with Brazil and Bolivia.

    The land was acquired years ago.”

    Unicef podría acortar estadía de Jenna Bush en Paraguay

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  6. Yes, he(Bush)is a very greedy and unethical
    nut. I agree.Genius,never! The rich want to rule the world at any cost. ie:buying our own water,in china’s polluted bottles. Most republicans are all about them,GREED RULES!
    If people would pull their heads out of the dark space for a moment,maybe they might see the light!

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