Stuck On Obama

my continued effort to blog through the election

Thought I’d get to “John McCain’s Crash and Burn Campaign,” today, but I’m still stuck on Obama and a few other things…

I’m a practical person and resolved to Obama winning, but that’s not enough. Clinton won, the concessions he made and all the soul selling he did… well, that list is far too long; including his part in deregulating the market and housing helping to cause the current economic melt down.

The 2006 Congress took Impeachment off the table, never even tried to bring the troops home, they instead gave Bush more money for the war that he requested; even anti-war Obama pitched in. They gave Bush the majority to take away the 4th Amendment and bent over backwards to appease the Telecoms. AT&T was quite generous in their appreciation for that little favor by sponsoring the DNC convention in Denver this past summer; apparently, 4,418 delegated goodie bags is a lot cheaper than class action law suits and five years in a Federal Prison for spying on Americans. They voted for the Patriot Act, again, without reading it fully, they didn’t stop the torture, and they bailed and bonused out the money hording, pension stealing, conglomerated corporate CEO bankers. There’s more, but why beat a dead sold out horse?

So in the words of Sen. Obama I say, “ENOUGH!”
Really, do they think we are all that stupid?
It’s probably pretty clear, if you’re a fan of this blog that I will be voting for Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez on November 4th, 2008

So when Obama wins and the majority of the American People fall back asleep Nader and likely all Third Party Voters will still be awake, watching. We will constantly remind President Obama that he and the democrats better do the right thing, what is in the best interest of the PEOPLE not the lobbyist, or the bankers; both foreign and domestic, or the corporations because we will work hard to increase our numbers a 1000 fold each and become a very very real force to reckon with.

So you all better work hard right now for Sen. Obama and make sure he and the oncoming democratic sweep stop the excuses or we will be back in 2012 with a Mighty Mighty Wind that will destroy the Democratic Party like Bush and McCain destroyed the Republican Party.

There’s no middle ground any more, no room for mediocrity Senator Obama, your legacy will either follow in the footsteps of a better Lincoln or fall in the foot steps of George W. Bush.


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