Obama – Good Advice

my continued effort to blog through the election

I started writing about “John McCain’s Crash and Burn Campaign,” but I have a few more words on and for Sen. Obama.

Senator – as unnecessary as this may be, get yourself 1000 trusted body guards, like Bush, no, go ahead, make it two, then throw the corporate lobbyist out of DC allowing them 18 months of unemployment and offer them a jobs training program.

First order of business, Day One – Sworn Into Office – Restore the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Before bed sign the order to begin an independent investigation on the war in Iraq, follow through.

Start a roads and bridges project, solar energy project, teaching project and health care project nation-wide. Some good models out there, this will create plenty of jobs. Pay Americans a living wage until we settle our debts, then reward as needed.

Tax the stock market 1/10th of 1% for each transaction. Let them pay for their own bailout. Shut down the Faux Federal Reserve. No wait, actually arrest those guys and seize their assets, actually take our assets back. Give the full faith and credit back to the US Treasury. Check Fort Knox. See: Andrew Jackson Abraham Lincoln.

Charge the Networks rent for the use of radio, television and fiber optics. Give a portion of the air waves to the American People and political candidates free of charge; cable did it , see: C-SPAN, only make a nation wide state of the art channel, pay for it with the rent you charge the Networks.

Provide a very humanistic health care program for all Americans, join it to the one you all have up on the Hill. Provide a full free education K – College and Trade School take a look at Israels and Denmark- and tighten up those damn borders, this isn’t Western Pakistan.

Shore up social security by removing the $90k cut off or cap profits and fund it that way, lock box it.

Block all foreign banks and foreign individuals from buying any land regardless of what’s on top and forbid them to own any mineral rights, farm land, forests or roads in the US.

In turn, we will all respect the sovereignty of other nations to do the same.

One more thing…

Stop this damn war economy and cut that military budget in half, that should be more than enough to invest in all of the above, then take half of what’s left of the military budget and give it to NASA, with checks and balances of course.

Do all that for at least the next four years and you will end up being the greatest American that ever lived.


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