The Death Of Obama

I think Obama supporters better be careful if they want this man to win.

About a week ago I spoke to a moderately conservative man who told me about a political discussion he had with a very liberal lawyer. The lawyer was quite argumentative and downright disrespectful. Politics being what they are… the next day the conservative man’s ballot arrived, he was up until that point considering an alternative; in this case Bob Barr, but that changed after the disrespectful way the lawyer had spoken to him, he instead cast his vote for John McCain. In reflection he did think more wisely about what he had done, however, it was too late.

Of course, that is not how we should vote for our political leaders, out of anger. I certainly don’t vote that way, I vote for the person with ideas and a trusted record based on principles, but I must admit I am troubled and wary in mixed company to say who I am voting for these days because I find oft times there is a strong bias coupled with a gang up, disrespectful and uncompromising demeanor, on both sides. It’s not endearing to say the least.

NOTICE: There are still a number of fence sitters who, if provoked, will justify voting for McCain.

The warning I give to democrats and people supporting Obama is that this demeanor could be the death of an Obama presidency.

Of course there is plenty of anger to go around, both sides in Congress have not done their jobs properly, every polls reflects that.

So I put it to the Obama supporters,  if you want to really change DC, if you really want that purple to turn blue consider respecting the other persons point of view and who they decide to cast their vote for. Make your argument, but hold your bias and sharp tongues, have the facts in your right pocket, because that is how you nourish a Democracy and the Republic.

No one likes a sore and bitter winner, but they will always respect the humble champion.

As vague as he may be on the issues, so far Obama has held it together on a number of fronts, why would you want to disrespect the man by losing him votes?

I will be blogging every day regarding the election though November 5th.


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One response to “The Death Of Obama

  1. sukatra

    Blogging EVERY DAY for the next week? Christ almighty. This is gonna be painful.

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