RON PAUL – Bailout is Corporatism

You’re Going To Destroy A Worldwide Economy!



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3 responses to “RON PAUL – Bailout is Corporatism

  1. If Goethe is a transposed painter and Schiller a transposed orator, then Wagner is a transposed actor.FriedrichWilhelmNietzscheFriedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

  2. Truth is incontrovertible; malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it; but, in the end; there it is.SirWinstonChurchillSir Winston Churchill, 1874-1965

  3. Flowers do not indulge in sentiment. They indulge in passion, nothing but passion. They make love all the time.OctaveMirbeauOctave Mirbeau, The Torture Garden

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