Obama McCain Off Texas Ballot – Barr Sues

Libertarian Candidate Bob Barr – a former congressman and, more to the point right now, lawyer – has filed a lawsuit in Texas, demanding he appear as the lone presidential choice on that state’s election ballot. Why? Because he says the Republican and Democratic parties failed to meet deadline to get their candidates properly posted to the ballot.

Barr explained again today, as he has for weeks, that it was impossible for the major parties to have filed under Texas law, because the state’s deadline came before the parties nomination conventions.

His campaign manager, Russel Verney, said in a statement, “Third parties are not allowed on the ballot for missing deadlines, as was the case for our campaign in West Virginia, yet the Texas secretary of state’s office believes Republicans and Democrats to be above the law.”

Connecticut’s own independent presidential candidate, Ralph Nader, threw his support behind Barr today. Nader — running as a write-in candidate in Texas himself — said of the two major parties: “They could take the same medicine they have been dishing out to grassroots candidates for decades, and have their candidates John McCain and Barack Obama join me as write-in candidates in Texas. But what is most likely is that they will choose the third option, which we have seen in the past. They will simply lean on state officials to ignore the law or direct the Texas legislature to push back the deadline after it expired.”


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