Listen Up! – Ron Paul

Ron Paul Wins The Prestigious I Told You So Award

another corporate bailout



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5 responses to “Listen Up! – Ron Paul

  1. Charla Edwards

    Thank you,Ron Paul.Thank you for being the voice of sanity and staying with a thankless job all these years. Hang on because people are starting to get it.

  2. A good start.

    Close the Federal Reserve
    Bring the Troops Home
    Kick the Corporate Lobbyist out of DC Dismantle the IRS
    Cut the Military Budget in Half
    Fully fund the Justice System
    Cut the pay of Congress the POTUS and the SCOTUS in half.

  3. unownednews

    yes yes and yes.

  4. stubbystudios

    Russia is becoming more aggressive with neighboring countries. They see no problem with Iran’s nuclear power program and they have veto power in NATO, but you want to cut our military budget in half?!!!

    So once we do that and Russia takes over eastern Europe, we’ll have to work like hell to quadruple the size of a military that you shouldn’t have cut back on in the first place. What’s the deficit going to be when that has to take place? Hello military draft!

  5. Mind your own business, stop trying to rule the world – the eastern countries and the rest of Europe can take care of themselves.

    Read the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.


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