Love her or hate her, her voters are a thorny factor in the side of the Democrat Party. My informal survey of *men and women, all ages, race and ethnicity this past month have expressed a sense of betrayal, mostly by the women towards the Democrats especially, when it came to the topic of Hillary Clinton. There were few, to my surprise, who actually hated the Clinton’s with any amount of passion.

If this country harbors divisions what stood out most among the women I spoke to was not race, class or political party, it was gender. The two most vocal complaints among these women were wages and health care.

According to the IPRW women still make less than men and most of the uninsured or under-insured are women.

The pundits are already proselytizing that it is Hillary who must sell Obama at the Democratic Convention. From the information I gathered it seems that it is Obama who will have to convince Hillary voters he is on their side. With rising costs, falling wages, jobs disappearing, unending wars and Universal Health Care off the table both Senator Obama and Senator Biden have their work cut out.

I asked about the McCain factor.

Would you vote for McCain if Obama didn’t choose Hillary as his VP?

I received a mixed bag of answers to this question from the women. Those who said they would vote for McCain without Hillary on the ticket felt Obama was not tested, a few mentioned his animosity towards his mother and grandmother; they felt he didn’t understand or was unable to express his feelings on women’s issues, health care being the priority. His religious beliefs seemed to be of no real consequence. There were a hand full who wanted to send a strong message to the Democratic Party, others stated they would sit this one out, while a smattering said they would vote for Nader. No one knew who Bob Barr was, save one woman who took issue with his condescending attitude.

As I analyze and think more about the information I gathered I’ll continue to write my conclusions here. For now, my unscientific survey says this isn’t going to be a cake walk for either side.

*I found women were more willing to speak to me about this topic, most of the men already had their minds made up on who they would be voting for in November.


apparently there are others who feel similar to the majority of the people I spoke to.

democrats and pumas might want to look at the issues on the table here


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