Iraq Buys Billions In US Weapons

The Business of War

US to Iraq: “Now that you’ve seen what our weapons can do to you… wanna buy some?”

US:“There goes another happy, murderous weapons customer”

American Tax Payers: “Hang on, shouldn’t they pay us back for the war before they buy such lavish killing machines?”

US: “By selling Iraq these new weapons we, your government, will create new American jobs; except for 80% of the parts that are made in China.”

American Tax Payers: “Oh, Okay.”

Same Old Iraqi Weapons Conversion Least We Forget



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2 responses to “Iraq Buys Billions In US Weapons

  1. Is this robbing Peter to pay Paul to rob Peter to kill Paul who killed Peter after Paul robbed Peter aka ‘confused’????

    Iraq posts a budget surplus of about $87,000,000,000 – we report a deficit of trillions, and their oil is sold to not only the United States, but ‘around the world’….

    This is not a good ‘merry go round’..

  2. The odd thing is, as a people, country, nation we could stop all of this – but the powers that be rely on our apathy. I’m pretty convinced at this point that it will take some major cataclysmic event or an alien invasion for people to wake up in mass. Until then, it seems to be business as usual.

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