Cha Cha Drops American Workers Pay to .10 (ten cents)


What Third World Country Is This?
Can’t Be The US, Can it?!
This Must Be Criminal!

azrienoch makes a very compelling argument

Human-Powered Search Provider Shifts To Performance Pay
Seeking to restrain costs while improving the quality of results it provides, “human-powered search” provider ChaCha has cut the standard pay rate of its online “guides” and shifted to a performance-based compensation system.

ChaCha CEO Brad Bostic confirmed the move in a phone interview with Information Week. “We’ve introduced a new incentive-based guide compensation model, so that we can reward our best performers and provide the others something to shoot for,” he said.


…Bostic counters that the best guides can earn around $8 an hour. And many of the guides answer questions for non monetary reasons, he contended.

“Money is not the primary motivator for our best guides,” he said. “It’s being part of a knowledge-sharing community that’s only available to those who become guides.”

(whoa, did he just call all his Best Guides retarded?)

What are your motives Mr. Bostic?

Question for CHACHA Guide: What is Brad Bostic’s Salary?

Help Your Fellow Americans Earn a Fair and Living Wage. Remember, You WILL Be Next!

Call or Write and Complain:

US Department of Labor

Senate Committee on US Health Education Labor and Pension

US Senator The Honorable Ted Kennedy

House Committee on Education and  Labor

US Representative The Honorable  George Miller

CNN Lou Dobbs

rip off report

The article above states each question takes an average of 2 minutes, that works out to about $3.00 per hour and you only get paid if you answer the question correctly, so it could be even less.

See this article – the conversation was over 3 minutes – that would be a wage of less than $2.00 per hour.

Cha Cha refuses to share quality control with the workers. So how do you know if they aren’t cheating American workers.

In the age of Enrons and the Mortgage Industry should the American People just trust big corporations?

Cha Cha’s web site states they have 25,000 contracted workers. That’s a lot of cheap American Labor and let me remind you these are not illegals immigrant, so we believe, these are Intelligent Well Educated American Citizens.

Call The Unions.

Call Your State and Federal Representatives.

Call the people in the links above.

If this is the new trend in US Labor, just remember your job WILL be next.



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6 responses to “Cha Cha Drops American Workers Pay to .10 (ten cents)

  1. Thank you so much for posting this and providing all these links. People will walk right off a cliff if they’re told to with a smile. We don’t have to allow for any of this.

  2. marquisdejolie

    $3 an hour!? How many financial retards DO we have in this country? But, like 99.987654 % of YouTubers, I’d rather make a whinny, self-aggrandizing video about this than actually do something real worldish.

  3. chacha guide

    I signed up for ChaCha in November of 2008. Reading through the forums I found people with high earnings and a great love for the work. ‘Its so fun’ and “I can work from home when I want!” are the two big themes. I answered 80 questions over a period of a few weeks. It was a sitution where I was online anyway, so I logged in and took queries as they came in.

    1) Searches take on average, 2-3 minutes. If you’re fast. You tell me how quickly you can find the sunday brunch hours for Golden Corral in Odgen, UT. So if you’re fast, AND you are getting questions one after another with no break, you’re making closer to $2/hr. Rarely do the questions come at you so fast.

    2) The questions are heartbreaking. There are teenagers with cellphones asking where a clitoris is. Grown men asking how to get rid of ringworm. Fat women looking for BBW bridal stores.

    3) You can specialize. I did. I put Xbox 360 as one of my specialties. So then I got “On level 4 of Biohazard Wizards, where do I find the red potion”. And I would spend 5 minutes looking this shit up. Sigh.

    4) As cell phones evolve, people will be able to access more and more of the net while on the go. There goes ChaCha’s entire business model.

    5) I didn’t log back in until this weekend. I got more penis quesitons, more “can you look up Shelley Miller’s cell phone number” (no.) and “what should I name my dog”.

    I am up to $17.00 in earnings. This means I’ve worked 8.5 hours minimum.

    For many, this is their grocery money. For me, just an experiment in work at home cash. My real job pays, thankfully, much more.

    I have a goal of $20 bones, then I’ll be closing the account. It was interesting, but what a colossal waste of time. Even ‘But I am online anyway” doesn’t work here.

    ChaCha: Exploiting workers who are glad to be exploited. Viva La Merica!

  4. i just signed up, and im about to take their tests.

  5. Autumn

    ChaCha is exploiting people and should be ashamed of it. People don’t do this for fun they do it for money! You know to do things like feed your kids and try and stay off well-fare! ChaCha needs to be fair and if you want a freakin’ WOW answer pay a WOW price. not 10 cents and answer. Brad Bostic I hope you go broke when smart phone put you out of business you crook!

  6. Meredith H.

    As of October, 2011, ChaCha pay for vetter guides is not ten cents per question. It is one cent for every two questions. Yes, a half-cent per question. And, you only get paid when you get to $150.00, if your pay is being sent to your own bank. Or, you can use their bank and debit card and pay $2.00 per transaction to get your money more often.

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