Bloody Immigrants: Moowee

5 Somosa!

What are you waiting for?!

A guy from India named Tinku Samugurajah and a guy from Ghana named Kofi Obanqwa review VHS rentals and sell stuff from Tinku’s store ‘King Rajah Fashion and Video.’

Don’t have sex with machines

Italian Widows – and the winner is….

CBC uses Web as test for Bloody Immigrants
By Craig Takeuchi

It’s about bloody time.
Over the past few years, there’s been a significant increase in visible minority comedians who use identity politics in their routines, such as Russell Peters.

CBC is planning to test out a new comedy show called Bloody Immigrants on the internet. The show employs humour about ethnic groups and visible minorities.

It’s a smart move, and probably one that should have been done with the now-cancelled show jPod. It’s a good strategy to build up a Web following, since that would have been the target audience for that show in particular, which can later translate into a TV audience.

The clips of Bloody Immigrants will be up on the CBC Web site in mid-July



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4 responses to “Bloody Immigrants: Moowee

  1. The bar is rising!!!

  2. OMG that third one is so horribly funny. I kept looking away and laughing and feeling terrible but laughing.

  3. this guy is good all around

  4. The bar already rose over my head and I’m not ripping my veins open to become a “winner.”

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