batman – review

I’ll keep it short and try not to give anything away

Best movie I’ve seen in a long time. This is a very very very dark batman, not unlike Once Upon A Time In Mexico, there is a strange and cruel balance that must be kept, order vs. chaos, the extremes, but not by way of love vs. hate, the approach is indifferent curiosity vs. civilized survival. Heath Ledger (the Joker – Brothers Grimm, Brokeback Mountain) goes to the darkest depths of the soul, so dark is the character he created that he captured what I could only describe as utter soulessness. If Ledger’s death was due to ODing on anti-depressants, accidental or not, after this performance it’s not hard to understand why he needed medication. As an actor he went places no thinking person should tarry long, he tapped into the darkest shadows that wake in our own time. Aaron Eckhart’s (Dent – Thank You For Smoking) performance rouses the all too human side of the spectrum, his character reveals what happens to confidence and enthusiasm, the best of humanity, when it falls pray and is griped into the claws of a black hole. Batman remains the judicious archetype, holding his sword he knows without question what is most important. He doesn’t redeem the devil joker, but shares with him and is witness to the divine glimmer that there is hope for humanity yet. There are plenty of special effects, thrills and spills, some cool toys, towering aerial shots, the usual interplay of drama and humor; both light and dark, including, telecom spying with a war on terror aftertaste, along with a fair amount of abrupt editing where the comic strip and video game gore is left frightfully to your imagination. It’s a long movie but quit a ride through a dark psychological modern and very religious symphony.






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  1. I saw Space Chimps last night. It was 7 hours long.

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