Net Neutrality Open Source Documentary

Synopsis: The internet has was designed to be an open platform where anyone can create a website and any information can pass through a connection. If big business starts to be selective about what can pass through it will be like when the FCC cracked down on early radio expression and it wasn’t long before only commercial radio existed. The internet needs to stay neutral and not give certain files preference. A 10 minute version of this feature length documentary has circulated over the past year getting half a million views and now more then ever the issue is heating up and threating the future of the net. Please help me raise the funds to get a full time editor to make the project complete. I’ve already proved my filmmaking abilities with Four Eyed Monsters and the 10 minute edit. And I know I can get this documentary seen if I can release it for free. So I want to get it funded in advance so I don’t have to sell it when it’s done. people will be able to just have it and become a part of the cause.



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