Obama’s Pro-Telcom Immunity Amnisty Federal Crime

Guest Editorial
by Bloomberg Bernake

Feeling disappointed, outraged or confused by Obama and McCain’s votes on Telecom Immunity?

Politically, I couldn’t figure out the Obama pro-Telecom Immunity Vote, the bill would have passed anyway, so why did Obama vote for the Immunity of a Federal Crime, against the Right to Privacy, against the best interest of the common people essentially, against the 4th Amendment to the Bill of Rights? Candidate Obama, what’s the deal?

Unfortunately, it turns out that Obama is almost too predictable, very shrewd, and most of all he’s a politician.

These two articles, Obama, telecoms and the Beltway system & Dems Who Flipped On FISA Immunity See More Telecom Cash offer up a conclusion that is as old as the political hills. Simply put, Money and Power.

McCain’s Non-Vote is somewhat more confusing. Fortunately, there is a very thorough retrospect on his Telecom Immunity and FISA position. What McCain is saying with his non-vote is, “I don’t like the idea of immunity and invading the people’s right to privacy. Who does?! God knows I’ve needed it and used it; see my wife’s IRS tax forms and my Real Vietnam Record. But, I like your Telecom money. Tho lately fellas, you haven’t been giving me any, so I’ll remain neutral for now in case you decide to change your minds later [wink wink]”

Say, ever notice McCain’s laugh sounds like Peter Lorres

Telcoms just aren’t giving the kind of cash to the GOP as they are to the DNC. Top Telecom Political Recipients

The bottom line is nothing will ever “Change” until a majority of the 100 million people in the US who never vote get educated and become responsible citizens, and all the rest of us start voting against both these crooked major parties.

What bothers me most about Obama’s vote is an increase in the yuck factor, he claims to be the new and out of the DC loop candidate and at the same time is using every angle at his disposal to become the ultimate insider. This approach actually crushes hope and the opportunity to get back on the road to becoming a truly great and prosperous nation.

Some of his most ardent supporters said, “Don’t do it Barack! Don’t alienate the off center left of the left voters!” Yet, his vote clearly favoring Telecom Immunity told them all to basically go and ‘shove it!’ This arrogance along with Obama’s past association with Rezko, and rolling over those $3 and $5 contributions from the ‘little people’ to the bigger poker table, demonstrates that the man is ambitious and is seeking a very calculated stronghold on power. Though, many of my suspicions are also fueled by his partnership with his economic adviser Austan Goolsbee <- could this be the democrat’s new Karl Rove?

Perhaps, Obama feels this is the only way he knows how to get on the ‘inside’ and accomplish the goals that truly live in the hearts of his supporters? However, throughout the history of this nation the insanity of this kind of thinking has proven over and over again that whenever a politician says, “Just trust me!” the prudent thing to do is run in the opposite direction and by all mean do not to trust them.

With Obama’s sketchy and compromising voting record it’s time to re-evaluate your support for this candidate before he falls further to the dark side. Put his feet to the fire and let him know you’re willing to ‘Reach Out And…’ cast your vote elsewhere.


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