How The Senate Voted

A significant number of Democrats voted to give George Bush and many Large Communications Companies Immunity from breaking Federal Laws and allow them to continue spying on the American People.

The 69-28 roll call by which the Senate approved a bill on Wednesday overhauling controversial rules on secret government eavesdropping. The bill would protect telecommunications companies from lawsuits complaining they helped the U.S. spy on Americans.

On this vote, a “yes” vote was a vote to overhaul the eavesdropping rules and a “no” vote was a vote against the proposed overhaul.

Voting “yes” were 21 Democrats, 47 Republicans and 1 independent.

Voting “no” were 27 Democrats, 0 Republicans and 1 independent.

X denotes those not voting.

Is Your Senator an Accessory to a Federal Crime?

Alabama Sessions (R) Not Voting; Shelby (R) Yes.

Alaska Murkowski (R) Yes; Stevens (R) Yes.

Arizona Kyl (R) Yes; McCain (R) Not Voting.

Arkansas Lincoln (D) Yes; Pryor (D) Yes.

California Boxer (D) No; Feinstein (D) Yes.

Colorado Allard (R) Yes; Salazar (D) Yes.

Connecticut Dodd (D) No; Lieberman (I) Yes.

Delaware Biden (D) No; Carper (D) Yes.

Florida Martinez (R) Yes; Nelson (D) Yes.

Georgia Chambliss (R) Yes; Isakson (R) Yes.

Hawaii Akaka (D) No; Inouye (D) Yes.

Idaho Craig (R) Yes; Crapo (R) Yes.

Illinois Durbin (D) No; Obama (D) Yes.

Indiana Bayh (D) Yes; Lugar (R) Yes.

Iowa Grassley (R) Yes; Harkin (D) No.

Kansas Brownback (R) Yes; Roberts (R) Yes.

Kentucky Bunning (R) Yes; McConnell (R) Yes.

Louisiana Landrieu (D) Yes; Vitter (R) Yes.

Maine Collins (R) Yes; Snowe (R) Yes.

Maryland Cardin (D) No; Mikulski (D) Yes.

Massachusetts Kennedy (D) Not Voting; Kerry (D) No.

Michigan Levin (D) No; Stabenow (D) No.

Minnesota Coleman (R) Yes; Klobuchar (D) No.

Mississippi Cochran (R) Yes; Wicker (R) Yes.

Missouri Bond (R) Yes; McCaskill (D) Yes.

Montana Baucus (D) Yes; Tester (D) No.

Nebraska Hagel (R) Yes; Nelson (D) Yes.

Nevada Ensign (R) Yes; Reid (D) No.

New Hampshire Gregg (R) Yes; Sununu (R) Yes.

New Jersey Lautenberg (D) No; Menendez (D) No.

New Mexico Bingaman (D) No; Domenici (R) Yes.

New York Clinton (D) No; Schumer (D) No.

North Carolina Burr (R) Yes; Dole (R) Yes.

North Dakota Conrad (D) Yes; Dorgan (D) No.

Ohio Brown (D) No; Voinovich (R) Yes.

Oklahoma Coburn (R) Yes; Inhofe (R) Yes.

Oregon Smith (R) Yes; Wyden (D) No.

Pennsylvania Casey (D) Yes; Specter (R) Yes.

Rhode Island Reed (D) No; Whitehouse (D) Yes.

South Carolin DeMint (R) Yes; Graham (R) Yes.

South Dakota Johnson (D) Yes; Thune (R) Yes.

Tennessee Alexander (R) Yes; Corker (R) Yes.

Texas Cornyn (R) Yes; Hutchison (R) Yes.

Utah Bennett (R) Yes; Hatch (R) Yes.

Vermont Leahy (D) No; Sanders (I) No.

Virginia Warner (R) Yes; Webb (D) Yes.

Washington Cantwell (D) No; Murray (D) No.

West Virginia Byrd (D) No; Rockefeller (D) Yes.

Wisconsin Feingold (D) No; Kohl (D) Yes.

Wyoming Barrasso (R) Yes; Enzi (R) Yes.



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2 responses to “How The Senate Voted

  1. Wait. Is “yes” bad or good? Same question for “no.”

  2. Yes Is For Bush and the Telecom.

    No is for the People.

    you can kinda tell by the republicans not having any NO votes

    The kicker is, for all the hate republicans have towards liberals Bush just gave the the Democrat tons more than what Hillary left on her bedroom table in the 90s for free!

    Either way we’re screwed, best not to vote for either party you just encourage them.

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