Hillary Supporters Vote Nader

Four Reason Why Hillary Supporters Are Voting Ralph Nader

1. Single Payer Health Care will be back on the table.

2. The Wasteful, Bloated and Secretive Military Budget will be brought back to the forefront of the American People’s minds.

3. Renewable Energy and American Jobs back on the front burner.

4. Persecution Protection From Corporate and Political Criminals will be spotlighted. This includes: Net Neutrality, Telcom Spying and the outrageous lies that put the American and Iraqis People in harms way, destroyed the US economy and our children’s future.

McCain and Obama have taken all these issues off the table.

Hold Obama’s feet to the fire.
He’s up for sale, it’s you or the big corporations who will get his attention.
Help Nader get ballot access and into the debates.
Spread the word and tell the pollsters you’re voting for Nader/Gonzalez!

All Nader needs is 10% and it’s a done deal!
Shoot for 20%!



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