DEBT STRESS – A New Cause of Death


The stress from deepening debt is causing some major heath problems for millions of Americans. When people are dealing with mountains of debt, they’re much more likely to report health problems too, according to an AP-AOL Health poll.

“There are millions of Americans in debt and that’s wreaking havoc on our health,” said Trevor Thomas, AP Director of Surveys. “Things like muscle tension, back pain, migranes, severe anxiety, depression, even as bad as heart attacks reported at higher levels. Once people are in debt, it’s really hard for them to get out of it so they get to the point where they feel like they may never be able to pay off those debts, that increases their stress levels so much that it actually causes them to have health problems. This may cause them to miss work and make it more difficult for them to make the kind of money they need to get out of their debts and that puts them in a really tough spot.”

And there doesn’t seem to be any relief on the horizon.Tough economic times and rising costs of living are mostly to blame. All this has lead to 14 percent increase in debt stress in four years.

The survey found that middle-class families were among those who had the most debt stress. A hot topic in the upcoming presidential elections.

Debt stress can be linked to party lines. Thomas said, “The kinds of people who have financial problems are the kinds of people who you would expect are mostly the lower income, and minorities these types of people are also more likely to be Democrats than Republicans.

Some of the least stressed people out there are older, retired Republicans who don’t have a lot of debt to begin with.”

The findings come from interviews of more than one thousand people over ten days across the US.

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