Saudi Nukes

US agrees to help Saudi Arabia develop civilian nuclear program

President George W. Bush and King Abdullah formalized new cooperation on Friday between the kingdom and the United States on a range of topics, including the development of civilian nuclear energy in Saudi Arabia and US protection of Saudi oil fields.

The agreements came as Saudi Arabian leaders made clear that they saw no reason to increase oil production until their customers demanded it, apparently rebuffing a request made by the president directly to the king in an effort to stay the soaring US gasoline prices.

Saudi Nukes and US Protection of their Oil Fields

history i

history ii

Saudi Missiles

Saudis joint nukes with Iran


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3 responses to “Saudi Nukes

  1. You are one of the people whom I would expect better than to conflate civilian power generating tech a la Iran with the bumpf it has anything technically applicable with weapons tech – even as a passing observation.

  2. Holy Cow, after 935+ lie to the American People you still believe the Bush Administration?

    My understanding is the US and France have already stared building a nuclear power plant in Saudi Arabia and Dubai, there were reports last year. I don’t know why they are admitting this as something new. Also the Saudis have bought war head missiles from China and God know what they got from Pakistan. This is all really old news.

    I added some links regarding the history.

    If you search my blog on Iran and Nuclear you’ll see that the IAEA pretty much said Iran is using nuclear power for what they said they are using it for “civilian technology.”

    But does that really matter? Israel still won’t admit they have over 200 nukes, that they cut deals with China, and that they spy on the US. Some ally, eh?

    Should Iran trust or believe the US?
    Wiki or Google Iran and the CIA.

    One last thing in regards to the report above… Bush seems to be committing the American people to protecting Saudi Arabia again. We pulled out in 03 and scadaddled to Dubai because of the attacks on 9/11 – In fact, if you believe that the US was attacked by bin Laden on 9/11 his chief complaint was he wanted the US out of Saudi Arabia, So what is Bush doing, playing chicken?

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