Another You Tube Hack

May 2017

youtube n time killed the old hacks – try this:

Install FREE  VLC

copy YT URL
open VLC
click  media
drop down menu to open network STREAM
click network tab
paste YT URL
hit play and then pause
now drop down VLC tools menu
click codec information
click codec tab
in location right-click select all (this is a little tricky sometimes. long series of characters, just right click a few time to get a feel for it)
right click copy

open browser
paste the whole code in your browser’s URL bar
hit enter (video will play)

in browser click save page as (rename to title)
choose the file folder you want to save the vid in
VLC will auto save as mp4 – hit save



note: some aps in firefox will still dl youtube vids

for mobile try using mm. instead of www. in the URL

lost or can’t figure out the title to a deleted video paste whole YT URL in google search (not address bar)

or visit the wayback machine

15 May 2008
OLD HACKS (No Longer Work)

1. Here’s the hack for a better picture on You Tube

btw, that change is for advertisers and partners – when you load a regular tuber’s video, if you haven’t noticed already, the quality of the picture has dropped significantly.

2. Here’s the New Hack:
When you can’t get into a blocked site from the US, like CNN International:

You’ll get a full screen, but you can at least watch the sites that are blocked in the US.
Try it!
ty diz

3. Can’t watch You Tube for what ever reason try tubespy
ty mt

ty ds

Update 04-10-08


we won!




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