Steve Jobs is Ready to Chuck His DRM

In a direct appeal to consumers who feel shackled by the digital-rights management (DRM) copyright protections that come with each song bought from the iTunes Store, Apple CEO Steve Jobs calls for an end to digital DRMs. But he points out that it is up to the music companies that license their music to Apple to lift the current restrictions. In a letter on Apple’s Website titled “Thoughts on Music,” Jobs argues:

Amazon Playing Apple’s Song
On Wednesday, Amazon announced plans to launch a music-downloading service that will let users store and play tracks on multiple devices.

While Apple puts digital padlocks on most songs it sells through its iTunes online store, the company has been trying to chart its own course toward a world free of digital rights management. Its pace may quicken after Wednesday’s announcement from Amazon, which adds to pressure from the European Union to let users play songs downloaded from iTunes on non-Apple devices.


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